We are a talented title company Serving Oklahoma.

To be a good title abstract and closing agent, you need to be part investigator and part facilitator.
Our team has over 120 combined years in the title industry.
Regulations have changed much over the years,
so our employees keep current by staying on top of Best Practices as advised by ALTA.
The keen, experienced eyes of our agents know what issues to look for during a title search and report these in a clear,
detailed abstract. They then, communicate that with representatives involved
and let them know what they need to finalize the transaction properly.
When you receive a title insurance commitment from us,
it's from a company you can trust!

Let us help your business grow through our personal and precise real estate title services. Contact us today.

Some of the best reviews from our
Top clients


Robin Dennington

Great people, great service! they always take care of me and my clients. Never have issues closing on time and if we run into any issues they communicate right away so all parties can know right away! Recommend 10 out of 10!!

Tara Stephens

It’s always a pleasure working with Lincoln Title. They’re extremely friendly, will go over any and all questions you have IN DETAIL!, and really care about you! It’s my favorite place to close

Rachel Duncan

I love the dedication to professionalism of the wonderful staff at LT. They truly go above and beyond for ALL parties involved in a transaction. Thank you for being amazing!

Cheryl May Lister

Lincoln Title ALWAYS has mine & my clients back…when your successful it’s always the people whom you work with that are really responsible. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes work that Has to be done when buying a home…you want someone that’s always looking out for the best interest of the client! Lincoln Title ALWAYS surpasses my expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

In Oklahoma, usually it’s buyers’ choice on where to close since that title company will be issuing their title insurance.

No, we can not negotiate. Title is a neutral, third party. We cannot act in the role of a licensed realtor because we are not. Title’s role is to close the transaction based on the written instruction (contract) signed by both buyer and seller.

No, Title cannot act in the role of a licensed realtor because we are not. Contracts, TRR’s, etc can be tricky.  We highly recommend hiring a licensed realtor or real estate attorney to help you.

A good realtor can be very beneficial to a real estate transaction. Things a realtor can help with are market analysis to come up with a fair price, schedule appointments and showings, update property listings, give advice based on current market demands, search open listings to find properties, market the property, network with local businesses and potential clients, advise on staging, coordinate appraisals, work with title and the lender to keep things on track for closing, professional negotiation, legal document prep etc.  The list goes on and on as to their value.

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